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Tefal Power XXL Cannister Vacuum Cleaner

Ensuring XXL cleaning power with impressive silence and freedom-of-movement, the TEFAL Power XXL Bagged Vacuum Cleaner offers outstanding cleaning solutions for large-surface living spaces. This high-performance vacuum cleaner comes equipped with an extra-long 8.4 m power cord—for a radius of 11 m in all directions and coverage of up to 95 m2 with no need to unplug. The XXL 4.5 L capacity provides easier cleaning with less emptying, while the deep-cleaning combination of EffiTech Motor technology and a high-efficiency suction head delivers exceptional results day after day. Performance comes together with convenient features, with the self-closing flap on the Hygiene+ bags ensuring no contact with dust and enhanced silence technology offering a smoother cleaning experience with uncompromising results.

₹10,999.00 (inclusive of all taxes)

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Effitech Motor

The cutting-edge technology of the EffiTech Motor system ensures greater dust pick-up with less energy use, for deep-cleaning power you can count on day after day.


High efficiency suction head

The easy-gliding high-efficiency suction head makes cleaning easier than ever, ensuring deep-cleaning performance and smooth glide.


XXL Capacity

The 4.5 L capacity offers convenience and autonomy for large-surface living spaces, for easier cleaning and less emptying.


Telescopic tube

Discover cleaning with greater comfort, ease and flexibility, with a telescopic tube to reach everywhere you need to clean.


Permanent filters

Advanced technology achieves a high level of air/dust separation, with 99.98% of the vacuumed dust passing through an enhanced filtration system.


Long-lasting filtration bags

The long-lasting Hygiene+ bag is equipped with a self-closing flap, ensuring zero contact with dust for improved hygiene and comfort.


Energy Savings

The advanced technology of the EffiTech engine guarantees an excellent level of dusting, combined with energy savings, for deep cleaning.


Super silent cleaning

The sound level of 70 DB(A) gives you a smoother experience.