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Tefal Stylis Plus Beard Trimmer

stylis plus

Style your beard perfectly and effortlessly with the Tefal Stylis Plus. The Titanium-Coated blades come with Self-Sharpening Technology and various precision settings to ensure a perfectly styled beard every day. It is easy to use and comes with an ultra long-lasting run time of 90 minutes with one charge. With this trimmer, you can style your beard to perfection, every day.

₹2,195.00 (inclusive of all taxes)

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Titanium coated self sharpening blades

Long lasting cut with one stroke.Titanium coated sharp stainless steel blades.


Long Lasting Blade Performance

High performance technology for great efficiency over time.


Easy to clean

Blades can be removed for easy cleaning underwater.


Long battery life

Its NiMh battery with 90 minutes of battery life ensures up to 20 cutting sessions without recharging.


Custom Style Beard

The adjustable comb offers 11 different lengths ranging from 0.5mm* to 10mm, allowing for a classic beard or a 3-day beard. (*0.5mm without the comb).


Accurate Results

Use the 1mm precision fit and customize your look as you want: classic, 3-day beard or 5-day beard.


Comb Lock

The intelligent comb locking system ensures a groomed beard with a clean cut: no risk of changing the cutting length.


Quick Charge

Get full power with only 8 hours of charging time.