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Tefal X-Pert 3.60 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The X-Pert 3.60 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner picks up dust in a single stroke, for fast and easy cleaning in no time. Discover the convenience of bagless and cordless vacuuming with a high-quality Lithium battery offering 45 minutes* of autonomy, and versatile 3-in-1 cleaning power to save time and cover every inch of your home, from floor to ceiling.

₹16,999.00 (inclusive of all taxes)

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Motorized brush for quick cleaning

Achieve fast cleaning sessions with a motorized brush that picks up dust in a single stroke, removing dust in no time for a clean and more pleasant home.


22V Lithium battery

A high-quality Lithium battery with 22V for easier home cleaning that lasts up to two times longer than an NiMH battery.


LED lights for better visibility

Track dust under low furniture and into hard-to-reach areas with a motorized head featuring high-quality LED lights, for improved visibility and easier cleaning.


All-floors = 1 brush

The motorized brush is efficient on all types of floors


Easy-charging with removable battery

4-hours of easy charging with removable battery


3-in-1 cleaning from floor to ceiling

Discover the one gesture efficiency, with a product designed to reach every inch of your home, from floor to ceiling.



Only 2.2kg for effortless and fast cleaning